About Kai Oja - Kai Oja Consulting
My story is a very ordinary story of a wonderful childhood in a perfectly ordinary Estonian village.
A good child to her parents, an exemplary pupil at school, a teenager belonging to good social circles, a young woman who had everything going for her and who followed the ordinary path in life - getting a good education, going to work, starting a family and being happy with what she had.

Life was beautiful and simple, but it didn't feel like a dream come true. I felt something was missing from my life. I realized I wanted more than to be ordinary. I dreamed of something bigger, something more meaningful and hoped that my dreams would come true.

Coming from a family of four, I am now a mother of three sons myself. It was becoming a mother that led me on this journey, as I started to think more and more about what I really want out of life. That was also a turning point of me starting to believe that dreams can come true.

In 2018, I took the brave step of leaving my job without knowing what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I liked working with people, I liked communicating, and I liked teaching. But how to apply those qualities and how to fullfill my ambitions, I didn't know.

At the end of the same year, when I had given up paid work, I went to a seminar called "I know, but why don't I do it". There, I learned how my subconscious thought patterns were running my life. At that moment I understood why at one point I feel capable of achieving anything, and the next, I fall back into feeling incapable.

I started to change these patterns by studying the program called "Thinking into Results" by Bob Proctor, and in March 2019 I attended Bob Proctor's 6-day seminar in Toronto which cost me more than my annual salary was at the time.

Learning Bob's material as an aerobics coach, I started offering personalized classes and trainings that I hadn't dared to do before, which tripled my income. And after that, I realized that I wanted to pass on Bob's teachings and show people how powerful they are, to help them see their own potential.

I realized that my passion and calling was to help people reach their goals and then a little further. I realized that Bob Proctor's teachings and consistent self-development would help me to achieve my own dreams.

Through dedicated self-development and consistent learning of Bob Proctor's materials, I changed my self-image from an employee and housewife to an entrepreneur. As Bob Proctor taught me - I started to view myself as an entrepreneur, even though I wasn't one at the time.

I started my own company, Oja Consulting OÜ, in 2019 and by 2020, my company had an annual turnover of over €40 000. I believed in what I was doing and put all my energy into growing my business. And since 2021, my company's turnover has been €20 000 per month. Currently, I am developing myself further as an entrepreneur, as a success coach and as a lifestyle coach.

Why Bob Proctor? Bob Proctor has created a system that guarantees results 100%. This system creates order in your mind and helps you move from knowledge to action. His teachings have helped tens of thousands of people all over the world. I know his teachings work because I've been living by them since January 2019.

Through these teachings, I have created a balance between the spiritual and material worlds in my life. To date, I have helped over a thousand people, given hundreds of trainings, and fulfilled many goals I have set for myself.

Bob Proctor said: "I have no idea where I could end up compared to where I am." I've been following this thought and experiencing the essence of it since 2018. We really have no limits when we decide to step out of our own way.

I mentor self-development programs for individuals for personal development as well as for business development, because a business is only as strong and successful as the people who work there.

I use all the programs I teach with my own team as well. That's why I know that results are 100% guaranteed.

Continuous self-development and achieving yet another set of goals is Kai's day-to-day. She only teachers others what she firmly believes in and what she lives by.